Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Artist Spotlight: The Letter Yellow

Hey everyone!

An all new edition of Artist Spotlight awaits! Today, we have an emerging indie band based out of Brooklyn, NY by the name of The Letter Yellow. The band consists of Randy Bergida, Mike Thies, and Abraham Pollock. The band's music has a diverse and eclectic mixture of Death Cab For Cutie with a little bit of The Pixies thrown in for good measure that offers up a little something for the diverse music listener, even some blues influences are omnipresent in their music as well. It's refreshing to hear bands branching out beyond their capabilities and are able to the task of dabbling in other genres that sometimes other upstart bands are afraid to try, or are more adept to staying within their comfort zone of music they play in which is fine, but sometimes you'll find that growth by doing the latter can be kind of stagnant at times so you'll have a greater degree of success by branching out in different areas that will make you stand out from the casual music fan. A great up and coming band that has all the keys necessary to stand and deliver to the concert going crowd. Some recommended tracks for you to have a listen at include "Out on The Streets" and "14 Bar Blues".

For more info on the band, head on over to their Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/theletteryellow While you're there, click the 'Music' tab to stream their music via their BandCamp site directly from Facebook so that you don't have to open another window. The band is able to be followed on Twitter at: www.twitter.com/theletteryellow and stay up to date with what the band have going on at this very minute. Check out the band's website as well at: theletteryellow.net to stay up to date on the latest round of tour dates they have that may be coming to your area relatively soon!