Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Artist Spotlight: The Distorted Waltz

Starting off another week with an all new installment of Artist Spotlight! Today, we head over to Bay City, Michigan and check in with an emerging act in the area by the name of The Distorted Waltz. The band consists of Andy Jeglic on lead guitars and vocals, Connor Peil on drums, Matt Hofmann on bass and backing vocals, and Matt Miller on guitar and backing vocals. The band has a relaxing, melodic nature to them that features slight elements of reggae mixed in with an alt-rock vibe somewhat similar to the Red Hot Chili Peppers that is all their own and one that is reflective of the area they grew up in and their musical influences as well that give them some edge and diversity. The Michigan area has some diverse musical styles, from classic rock to Motown (where it was founded in Detroit), and other eclectic genres that are representative of the cultural scene there and their lifeblood as it's the only thing that gets them going through the day and is essentially the soundtrack to their lives growing up in the area. A terrific act that is primed to get their second wind beyond the Michigan area. Some recommended tracks for you to check out include "Poems" and "Boat on Boiling Water".

For more information on the guys in The Distorted Waltz, head on over to their Facebook page here and 'Like' it so that you can stay in tune with everything that is going on in their world. Their music can also be accessed from that central location. The band can be followed on Twitter as well from over here and find out when the band will be gracing us with their presence with a concert performance hopefully sometime soon.