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3 May 2019

Boston based singer-songwriter Henry McIntyre has just released his brand new single called "Box on The Ear", the title track off Henry's upcoming LP slated for release on May 24. The song is a hauntingly beautiful ballad with stunning musical progressions, and Henry's...

2 May 2019

Boston based power pop group Pregame Rituals have just released their debut EP titled "All Smiles Now". The group is a one-man act under Georgio Broufas, along with some assorted friends helping flesh out musical ideas. You may remember Georgio from his time in Western...

1 May 2019

Boston based singer-songwriter Jason Ebbs is gaining some traction and notice with the release of his brand new single called "The Lizard King". His style is reared within the indie realm, with elements of beach rock thrown in for good measure, and also to give his sou...

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