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Artist Spotlight: Wild Cub

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Today's edition of Artist Spotlight takes us to the Music City, otherwise known as Nashville, TN where we come across the indie pop sounds of Wild Cub. The band consists of Keegan DeWitt on lead vocals and guitar, Jeremy Bullock on guitar and synths, Dabney Morris on drums, Harry West on bass, and Eric Wilson on keys and synths. The band's sound is an extremely mellow yet inventive blend of indie pop influences conjured upon a synth framework that is wholly unique and unlike anything else currently out there in the musical landscape. I was familiar with these guys by name only, and I really liked their approach to crafting these compositions and were able to take the songs to places never before traveled and really encapsulates the band's dynamic musical framework at action right here. A terrific upstart act that definitely has those creative juices working for them in the long run. Some songs to check out from the guys include "Shapeless" and "Colour".

For more information on Wild Cub, head on over to their Facebook page over here and see for yourself what musical vibes they're emanating. The band is on Twitter as well from this location over here and see when they may be performing in the New England area sometime soon. Visit their official website right here for more in depth information concerning the gentlemen, and check out their latest effort titled "Youth", now available for download on iTunes conveniently located at this link here.

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