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Miniature Tigers Premiere New Track "Oblivious"

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Texas based alterna-dance group Miniature Tigers have just unleashed their brand new track titled "Oblivious". The song is a high-energy, smorgasbord of high velocity dance rock rhythms designed tog et you in the mood and bring you into the group's world of sophisticated dance energy coupled upon with an alt-rock state of mind that seems to be all the rage these days. These guys put their own unique twist on it with a style and image that is all their own and one that people can relate to as they're perusing through the musical wonderland that is Miniature Tigers. The track is a preview leading up to their brand new studio release "Cruel Runnings", which will be out on June 17.

For more info on Miniature Tigers, 'Like' them on Facebook here and give them a follow on Twitter over here. "Oblivious" is available for streaming on Soundcloud right here and for purchase on iTunes at this spot here.

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