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Artist Spotlight: Redwoods

Taking us into the weekend for Artist Spotlight today are a band emanating from Greystones, Ireland that goes by the name of Redwoods. The band consists of Elliot Crampton on lead vocals and guitar, Killian Dunne on lead guitar and vocals, Paul Sheehy on bass and vocals, and Tristan Gresty on drums. The band's sound is a melodic and soothing blend of folk rock and pop influences conjured upon a musical stage where it comes across as invigorating and energizing the moment you hear it out of the box. I enjoyed Redwoods immensely upon first listen, and really understood the musical makeup of the band and their primary goal which is to just let loose and have the music do the talking and not having to worry about dabbling in other genres and stick to their guns, which is quite alright by them. Some songs to be on the lookout for include "Don't Take Me Down" and "Me and My Mates".

For more info on Redwoods, give them a 'Like' over on their Facebook page located here and see what they're all about. They're also on Twitter as well from this spot over here and see when they may be dropping by the U.S. sometime soon. All of their music is available on Bandcamp right here and on their Soundcloud site as well over here.

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