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Artist Spotlight: Wolves At Bay

Starting off your Tuesday with another edition of Artist Spotlight that takes us down to Hamden, CT and upon the doorsteps of Wolves At Bay. The band consists of Will Hayes on guitar and lead vocals, Eric Gustafson on guitar, Chris Noel on drums, and Mat Smith on bass. The band has a eclectic indie-emo rock feel with elements of Brand New well represented throughout the musical tree that presents a two-tiered effect that gives the best of both worlds with cutting edge instrumentation and sharp edged vocal work that gives the songs focus and a musical identity that fans can relate to and allow the two parties to share some insight between one another as well. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to these guys, and found the direct connection they had with their fans that is essential to the success of any group and is a barometer of sorts as to how the guys measure up to the other acts currently embedded within the scene. A terrific upstart band with plenty of potential for growth in the future. Some recommended tracks for you to discover include "Know Why" and "I Have Nothing To Offer".

For more info on Wolves At Bay, head on over to their Facebook page located here and give it a 'Like' if you gravitate towards their musical vibe. The band is also on Twitter right here and find out when the group will be venturing up to Boston sometime soon with a concert appearance. Check out the group's latest EP titled "The Postvention", now available for download on Bandcamp at this link over here on a name your own price format.

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