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The Foresters - Living Hold

Bethany, CT based The Foresters have just released their latest album titled "Living Hold". The follow up to their 2012 self-titled release finds the youngsters coming into their own as musicians who are venturing into their mid-teens with the wisdom and musical fortitude of someone much older than they are, but the kids know how to keep everything in check and take it all in stride right here.

Things start out with "Fade To Black", a raw and dirty rock track featuring frontman Evan Nork's exquisite vocal work that has gradually evolved from their prior releases, and shows a group that are more than capable of handling everything thrown their way, which they accomplish with remarkable accuracy and pinpoint precision. "Addiction" features some more dynamic punk influences inspired by Green Day and shows the musical talent of Evan's brothers Hayden and Liam who do exceptional jobs on the bass and drums respectively that really is a collaborative effort and a wonder to see unfold right before you musically. "Big Mountain Fudgecake" is my favorite track off the effort that shows some White Stripes influences seeping through the walls with the boys' musical depth growing right before our very eyes with garage rock influenced vocals and tightly wound instrumentation that shows a remarkable leap forward in terms of musicality and raw talent.

The second half of the effort features "Way Up High", a track that echoes the sentiments of youth today with its references to "teenage girls that will break your heart" which youngsters can relate to and ones that will connect even further with their peers in the same age range that will definitely take this track to heart more than the other ones featured on here. "Good Clean Fun" gets us ready for the conclusion of the album with a series of "whoa-whoa-whoas" featured within the lyrical framework that melds in together wonderfully with the hard nosed rhythms in place that shows that the boys know exactly what they're doing and where they're headed musically. "Take Your Makeup Off The Wall" concludes our musical stay here with a mostly acoustic number that shows the diversity of the group with the boys working together to deliver a quality, standout track that listeners will remember and look back fondly on as the signature song of the album that ties everything up and presents us with a scrapbook of sorts as to what we've heard musically just now. It's been a pleasure seeing these boys evolve from when I first covered them on the site just 2 years ago, and they've made a huge progression forward in terms of maturity and giftedness that I can't possibly believe and I can safely say that they're not kids anymore, but they're teenagers coming into their own as musicians who genuinely love what they do in their spare time away from their schoolwork.

Looking back, a terrific and well produced effort from The Foresters, a band who are taking the next step up the musical ladder and into a different phase of their lives with an effort that adequately expresses their musical desires and dreams that are slowly coming into fruition right before them.

Album Score: 4/5

Track Listing:

  • Fade To Black

  • Addiction

  • Big Mountain Fudgecake

  • Julie Sue

  • Way Up High

  • Good Clean Fun

  • Take Your Makeup Off The Wall

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