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Artist Spotlight: Neck Deep

Artist Spotlight is ready to go for today, and we jump across the pond to Wrexham, United Kingdom where we stumble upon the finely tuned pop-punk sounds of Neck Deep. The band consists of Ben Barlow on lead vocals, Lloyd Roberts on guitar, Matt West on guitar, Fil Thorpe-Evans on bass, and Dani Washington on drums. The band's sound is chock full of effervescent pop-punk rhythms and is mostly reminiscent of all the bands I grew up listening to in high school such as The Starting Line and New Found Glory, and those influences bubble up to the surface prominently and the overall sound is first rate and really touches upon you emotionally the moment you first hear it. There is almost nothing not to like about this band, and they've been a huge commodity over in England and they deserve a boatload of success here in the States where their sound will resonate strongly with its listeners just as it has over in their native land. Some songs for you to check out from them include "Crushing Grief (No Remedy)" and "Up In Smoke".

For more information on Neck Deep, head on over to their Facebook page located here and give it a quick 'Like' while you're at it. The band is also on Twitter from this spot here and find out when the lovely lads will be making their way to the U.S. sometime soon for a concert appearance. Visit their official website over here for more in depth information regarding the band, including links to buy merch and tickets.

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