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Artist Spotlight: Donovan Wolfington

For Friday's edition of Artist Spotlight heading into the weekend, we head down to the land of Mardi Gras known as New Orleans, LA where we come across the vibrant and diverse sounds of Donovan Wolfington. The band consists of Neil Berthier on guitar and lead vocals, Matthew Seferian on guitar and vocals, Savannah Saxton on keys and vocals, Chris Lanthier on bass, and Michael Saladis on drums. The band sound is a mixture of about half a dozen different genres where the sound can't possibly be pinned down to one specific location, but runs the gamut from grunge to punk to everything in between with a sharply driven musical focus run amok that is destined to illicit a positive reaction from the audience who will genuinely appreciate the band's creativity and style much like I did. These guys are absolutely brilliant to say the least, and I love how the group has a unique style and image where they just throw everything out there, much like they do in the photo above where all the members strip down to their underwear showing some skin and look mighty fine at doing it. A terrific band with an extremely bad ass name that is well worth your listening time.

For more info on Donovan Wolfington, head on over to their Facebook page located right here and give it a 'Like' so that you can stay in the know of everything happening in the band's world. You can follow the group's adventures on Twitter from this locale here and find out when the band might be coming to the Beantown area sometime soon for a concert appearance. Their latest album is titled "Scary Stories You Tell In The Dark", and is now available for streaming and purchase via their Bandcamp site conveniently parked right here.

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