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Artist Spotlight: Trash Boat

Starting off your week with a refreshing dose of Artist Spotlight, this time coming to you from across the pond in Herts, United Kingdom where we bring to you the vibrant and eclectic sounds of Trash Boat. The band consists of Tobi on lead vocals, Oakley on drums, Dann on guitar, Ryan on guitar, and James on bass. The sound is a refreshing and dynamic concoction of standard issue pop-punk rhythms inspired by the likes of The Starting Line and New Found Glory with a straightforward and linear approach taken to the tracks that puts them in a class all their own and helps the lovely lads develop their own distinct musical personas as well. I was floored when I first heard these guys, and was really impressed with their musical abilities that took them above and beyond the scope of the imagination. It also speaks to mind about the musical maturity they've displayed in such a short span of time and the high quality of music coming from merry old England, which I've covered to a great extent here on the site and continues to floor me each and every time. A terrific upstart British band that I have high hopes for moving forward. A track for you to check out from them is called "Boneless".

For more info on the lads in Trash Boat, head on over to their Facebook page located here and give it a 'Like' to show your appreciation and support for the burgeoning pop-punk scene that is extant to this day. Follow them on Twitter as well from over here and find out if they have plans to make a landing in America sometime soon. Check out their Bandcamp site right here to listen to a free stream of "Boneless" at your own leisure.

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