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NYC Folk Rockers 5j Barrow Release Exquisite "Talking My Soul"

New York based folk-rock group 5j Barrow have just unveiled their latest track called "Talking My Soul". The track evokes the pure musical sensibilities of The Avett Brothers and Fleet Foxes with their pure and unadulterated sound running clearly and smoothly like a body of water as soon as you hear it with terrific and bombastic violin melodies running roughshot throughout the entire track and blowing you away bit by bit when you hear the track unravel right before you. Words cannot eloquently express how mind blowing this track was and all the musicians are of the supremest talent and I hold in the highest regard of talent and pure musicianship that is beyond awesome in any source of the imagination. A band that needs to be heard to be believed.

To hear "Talking My Soul" for yourself, give it a listen on their Soundcloud page located right over here, and for more info on 5j Barrow, 'Like' them on Facebook here and give them a follow on Twitter at this spot over here.

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