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Artist Spotlight: Twin Forks

Today for Artist Spotlight, we head down to Boca Raton, FL where we come across the folk infused sounds of Twin Forks. The band consists of Suzie Zeldin, Jonathan Clark, Ben Homola, Shawn Zorn, Kelsie Baron, Kimmy Baron, and Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional fame. The music is a vivacious, organic experience with thoughtful folk precision and is a reflection of their Southern upbringing that flows naturally through their music and is totally honest and refreshing to hear blasting through the speakers. It also represents a huge shift for Chris Carrabba, who helmed Dashboard Confessional for many years which was aimed at a more younger audience with its extremely well written lyrics inspiring slews of people. While this type of music is markedly different from that, it represents a huge growth both personally and professionally for Chris who is heading into the next phase of his life with a sense of security and enlightenment for what is to lay ahead and bring with him a whole new audience and some long time supporters in the process who will greatly appreciate the new music and lyrical insight that they have always come to expect from Chris. A terrific group that has their own organic and unique sound. Some tracks for you to check out include "Back to You" and "Hard Times".

For more info on Twin Forks, give them a 'Like' on Facebook over here to see for yourself what sounds lay waiting for you on the other side. Follow the guys on Twitter from this locale here and see when they may be coming up to Boston soon for a concert appearance. Visit their official website right here for more in depth information regarding the band, and check out their debut self-titled release now available for purchase on iTunes here and on Amazon at this spot here.

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