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Artist Spotlight: Kina Zoré

Starting off another week with an all new edition of Artist Spotlight. Ready to hit the audible masses are Boston based afro-pop sensations Kina Zoré. The band consists of Helder Tsinine on lead vocals and guitar, Galen Willett on bass and vocals, Dillon Zahner on percussion and vocals, Stephanie Wieseler on tenor saxophone, flute, and keys, Michael Prentky on trombone and hand claps, and Wendyam Emerson on drum set. The band has a fun, outgoing blend of Afro-pop beats that take influences from a variety of different genres and spruce everything around you to life with a refreshing, party like atmosphere that will leave you in good company and allow the band to take care of you for the evening with their extremely diverse musical backgrounds being put in for good measure. I had a blast listening to these guys, and while I'm not that familiar with Afro-pop music, I really understood the craze and excitement surrounding it and I could clearly tell how much fun these guys were having and eliciting a strong emotional response from the listener as a result of it. A terrific up and coming local band that is definitely a bright spot to check out. Some recommended tracks for you to check out include "Dirty Laundry" and "Tchova Nholo".

For more info on the guys in Kina Zoré, give them a well deserved 'Like' on Facebook here and come face to face with all the musical experiences that you're bound to encounter. The guys are also available to be followed on Twitter from this central location here and see what the guys are up to at this very instant. Visit their official webpage right here for all the latest musical updates concerning the guys, and you should take a note that the band will be doing a residency at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge starting in August that will take place on Tuesdays and the guys will also be starting a fundraising campaign for their debut album that will see the light of day sometime in the Fall.

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