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Artist Spotlight: Turnover

Today's edition of Artist Spotlight takes us down to Virginia Beach, VA and upon the doorsteps of the emo-punkers known as Turnover. The band consists of Casey Getz, Danny Dempsey, Eric Soucy, and Austin Getz. The band has a simple and straightforward sound, but the real power lies in their lyrics where the songs come to life through extremely well written verses and superb vocals that set everything in motion right away and settle you in pretty quickly. I wasn't sure what to expect from these guys as I never heard of them before, but I was quickly debriefed on their sound and found that the guys had their own style and musical image to convey to their audience, and weren't being bound by genres or musical stereotypes that would have otherwise set them back. A fantastic up and coming band that has a diamond in the rough characteristic to them that you'll like. Recommended songs for listening include "I Would Hate You If I Could" and "Most of The Time". For more info about the guys in Turnover, head on over to their Facebook page located here and give it a quick 'Like' to show your appreciation for everything it is that they do. Follow the guys on Twitter from right here and see when they may be venturing up to the Boston area sometime soon. Their official website over here has more in depth information regarding the guys, and check out all of their music they've released so far over on their Bandcamp site here.

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