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Grand Cousin - Grand Cousin EP


The product of Wesleyan University in CT known as Grand Cousin have released their long sought after, self-titled EP. The release marks the final release for the group as they recently announced they're going their separate ways after 4 years together. The band has a tremendous, indie leaning sound that is quirky and vivacious, and speaks to mind about the collective wisdom and talent of everyone in the group that is apparent as soon as you begin listening to them.

We start things off with my favorite tune off the album "Oxygen" a mid-tempo, glorious rocker that introduces us to the finely tuned vocal talents of frontman Henry Hall, who has a great way of putting a song in perspective and shows the band's fun and whimsical sound that bursts right off the musical page as soon as you hit 'Play'. "Better" is another finely tuned track with amazing drumwork courtesy of Evan Low who complements his bandmates quite nicely, and adds a certain distinct element to the group that is easily identified by anyone in the crowd lending an ear. "Me Time" takes it down a couple of notches and dims the lights low with Henry's silky smooth vocal refrain working wonders and curing what ails you right away, and the amazing bass talents of Robert Kaplan give off an almost romantic element that will make you want to seek out these incredibly handsome and talented gentlemen. "Wring Your Hands" gets us ready for the conclusion of the album with a full on, collective framework brought forth by everyone involved that really nails it with indelible instrumentation and Henry's vocals making you swoon and fan yourself at how incredible he sounds. "How I Care" ends it all here with a sensational number featuring fun-loving instrumentation and high energy bliss that you can't possibly contain yourself after listening and it'll be almost impossible to wipe the smile off your face after listening to such an amazing effort from a talented group of college students. I'm saddened that I never gotten the chance to check out these guys live, but I had a blast covering them in the last few months and really recognized that they were on to something special with what they had and really knew how to put their own unique twist on the tracks that really got fans going and flocking to see what they were all about.

All in all, a terrific effort from Grand Cousin who are setting off into the sunset to see what lays ahead of them beyond the musical realm. Hopefully they choose to continue making music as they really have a special bond and unique chemistry that showcases the friendship that they've forged over their 4 year musical courtship.

Score: 4/5

Track Listing:

  • ​Oxygen

  • Better

  • Me Time

  • Wring Your Hands

  • How I Care

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