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Icelandic Based HEK Releases Slow Churning "Don't Worry"


Iceland's own HEK has just put out his sensational track from his forthcoming album titled "Don't Worry". The track has very subtle and earthy musical tones to it that speaks to mind about the volume of creativity circulating throughout his comfort zone, and brings to mind about the poetic coolness of Bob Dylan evoked within his center that really grabs your attention the moment you begin listening to it. I've been a huge fan of music that is coming out of Icleand recently, mostly for its calm and mellow demeanor and its ability to just keep it plain and simple and not having to do too much that would overwhelm and drown out the sound.

To take a listen to "Don't Worry", it's available for streaming on Soundcloud right here, and give him a 'Like' on Facebook here and follow him on Twitter right here.

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