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The Young Pop Cherrys - The Young Pop Cherrys


Boston's own The Young Pop Cherrys have arrived on the scene with their self-titled debut release. The four track collection is an enticing blend of indie rock coupled with a whole smorgasbord of influences that are representative of each band member and show a willingness to do things outside of the box and beyond the realm of musical plausibility.

We start things off with “Little Orange Pills” a gritty, unstable rocker that goes all over the musical map with the distorted vocals of Tommy Flynn giving way to a down and dirty garage rock styled jam that doesn't adhere to the rules whatsoever and does its own thing, breaking away from the musical blueprint and playing the music that only they want to play. “If It Gets Me High” is my favorite track off the effort that starts out with some finely tuned acoustic guitar elements, and the incredible talents of Tommy's brother Ryan who has an unspoken charm and charisma to him that doesn't go unnoticed, and represents the cool factor of the band which is emanating strongly from the disc's center and is a solid track all around. “Fell In Love At The Graveyard” has a strong tonality to it, punctuated with deep, melodic guitars and Tommy's high energy vocals contributing to an all around enjoyable listen. The disc closes out strong with “Sugar Cubes”, a melodic delight with cooing vocals and amazing guitar licks that meld in wonderfully with the instrumentation at hand that is deep and really hits it cleanly for the listener to grasp a hold of right away. I've known Ryan and Tommy from their previous musical incarnation, and they have a real knack for making themselves stand out in the crowd with their talents clearly visible to those in attendance who are devoted fans, or are just curious to see what all the fuss is about. I have a great feeling that they'll be doing big things through their new musical outfit.

Overall, a great debut from The Young Pop Cherrys, a newcomer on the Boston scene that offers up something new for a local scene that has a veracious appetite for music and everything associated with it.

EP Score: 3.5/5

Track Listing:

  • Little Orange Pills

  • If It Gets Me High

  • Fell In Love At The Graveyard

  • Sugar Cubes

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