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Artist Spotlight: The Naked Recreation


Today for Artist Spotlight, we jump across the pond to Maidenhead, United Kingdom where we have a run-in with the mellow sounds of The Naked Recreation! The band consists of Luke Banerji on guitar and vocals, Jack Tolhurst on guitar, keyboard, percussion, and vocals, Jamie Chapman on bass and vocals, and Jake Hynard on drums. The band has a laid-back, refreshing indie rock approach to their music, similar to the likes of Vampire Weekend with a melodic outburst like no other, and a strong musicality established between all musicians that really starts things well right out of the gate that brings about an unbridled wave of creativity and enthusiasm not seen before. This was an insanely enjoyable listen for me, and really found no faults whatsoever in their sound that clearly articulated their musical mission to the masses, and are seeking to make an impression on American music listeners as well. An extremely creative and vivacious band that is worthy of some plays through your speakers. Some tracks for you to check out include "Bipolar Love" and "Places I Don't Wanna Go".

For more info on The Naked Recreation, give them a well deserved 'Like' on Facebook right here and become a part of their burgeoning community. The band is on Twitter from this locale here and see if they plan on jetting over to the U.S. sometime soon to entertain the masses. Check out their latest EP titled "Bipolar Love" now available for streaming and a name your own price download on Bandcamp conveniently over here.

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