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MusicBoxPete "Bands of Summer" Photo Special Round 2

With summer about to draw to a close, it's time for another edition of my extremely well received Bands of Summer photo special! This one will revolve around individual musicians instead of bands this time around, and shows the tastemakers that drive their band to success each and every time while on stage. When duty calls and it's time to shed some clothing, these guys don't hesitate in doing so and reveals their true personalities that shine through brightly on stage. Here's my last photo special of the year that will return in some form down the road:



Emmett Ceglia and Marshall Biever – Manic Pixi

We all know Emmett the drummer of Manic Pixi has a severe shirt allergy, and has definitely become the posterboy of sorts for shirtless band boys everywhere. This pic will definitely increase your love and acceptance for everything related to Emmett, with his finely toned body and glorious smile enticing you to keep your eyes tuned to where they are and focus on the exquisite flesh that is a thing of beauty that you can't possibly get enough of. Bassist Marshall Biever also has an exceptional bod to gawk at with amazing nips that provides for the perfect distraction and leaves you wanting more.


James Hogg – Zerobot

You may remember James Hogg, the finely bearded bassist of Zerobot who were formerly known as The Self Proclaimed Rockstars and The Interrobang. Along with their drummer Stephen, who also frequently went topless behind the kit, James went shirtless a couple of times on stage as well which definitely aroused those in attendance and left people clamoring for more from this extremely talented and handsome gentleman.


Isaac Lederach and Jacob Snyder – Kansas Bible Company

An act from my “Bands of Summer” special, Kansas Bible Company has an extremely creative and random way of capturing people's attention while on stage performing, and one thing they like to do regularly is perform shirtless in this clip from when they were in the studio recording the track “Jesus, The Horse Thief”. This pic will definitely get you hooting and hollering with a top notch bass section, mounds of shirtless flesh, and a top notch beard to boot!


Jordan Rosenthal – Fortunate Youth

We all know rhythm sections need to be shirtless at all times, and Jordan from Fortunate Youth definitely takes that notion to heart entirely. This pic from his band's Audiotree session shows his sizzling body in action as the temperature inside the studio begins to skyrocket, Well complemented with luscious brown hair and a scraggly beard, there is plenty to look at from Jordan to be impressed with along with his drumming skills.



Ben Stubbs and Samuel Humphries – The Ratells

These two handsome lads right here represent Sheffield, UK's The Ratells, an emerging indie collective that is taking the country by storm. They also have the tendency to perform shirtless quite often, and drummer Ben Stubbs leads the charge sporting a pretty desirable body that oozes sexiness and confident galore, while guitarist Samuel Humphries displays some considerable muscle tone and ensures that the female portion of the audience's eyes are trained on the stage at all times.


Jesse Ludwick – Here To Stay

Here To Stay was a Kansas City, MO based pop-punk outfit that disbanded a couple of years ago, and the members sometimes practice shirtless highlighted by this one right here from guitarist Jesse Ludwick. Jesse has the posterboy pop-punk look with his hair drooping down while his luscious body starves for attention and draws you in immediately upon first glance. He has since moved on to a different band called Foxxy Cloxx, but the spirit of his old band lives on in this pic.

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