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Leo*Leo - Side One


Boston based indie duo Leo*Leo have arrived with their debut EP titled "Side One". The effort combines the talents of two best friends who have a strong musical connection that resonates strongly the minute you first begin to hear it, and really speaks to mind about the depth of creativity and ambition that exists between these two musicians as soon as you hit 'Play'.

We begin things with "You", an ethereal, dream laced rocker with softly laced guitars and the warmly embraced vocals of Vanessa Wheeler that shows off the band's laserlike musical precision that leaves no stone unturned and does a great job of keeping things subtle and low key, which is not necessarily a bad thing by any means for any group to dabble in from time to time. "Dancing Queen" amps up the intensity somewhat, and features a more melodic twist coupled with some fantastic drumwork courtesy of Sarah Hope who also handles electronics duties that gives the duo a two pronged sword that allows listeners to explore the best of both worlds, and venture out to explore both ends of the musical spectrum that are just bursting at the seams right now as the album gets deeper and more musically complex as we go along. "Water" is my favorite track off the album that really exemplifies the creative majesty that the girls were aiming for while conjuring up these tunes in the studio, and showcases the band's musical mindset that is at its truest form on this track right here. "Fever" ends our musical stay with a somber, moody track that completes the circle of musical diversity on this effort, giving the listener a full 360 degree angle of what the girls musical blueprint is, and where their musical path takes them in the future. I was thoroughly impressed with these girls when I saw them at Great Scott earlier this year, and was particularly enthralled with their stage presence that really made them stand out in the crowd, and pushed their sound out front so that it wouldn't get lost in the shuffle to the unassuming ear.

In conclusion, a terrific and top notch effort from Leo*Leo, a local area duo that is starting to make a name for themselves by keeping things straightforward, and bringing to mind an simple and elegant blend of indie rock not seen before.

Score: 4/5

Track Listing:

  • You

  • Dancing Queen

  • Water

  • Fever

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