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Artist Spotlight: Lesser Knowns


Artist Spotlight has finally returned with a look at New Bedford, MA's own Lesser Knowns! The band consists of Nick LeBlanc on guitar, bass, and vocals, Dan Letoruneau on bass, guitar, and vocals, Dan McMahon on guitar and vocals, and Riley Mello on drums and vocals. The band's music is a catchy, inventive blend of riff filled rock with a deadpan vocal style similar to that of Cake with an emphasis being put on melody and style that give the band some character and essence to it that definitely turns a few heads in the process. I found alot to like from these gentlemen, and really understood wholeheartedly what it was they were trying to convey to their listening audience, and seemed to be having a rad time while performing which is all that matters in the long run. A very intriguing local band that is definitely worthy of a listen. Some tracks for you to check out include "How Yall Doin' Tonight" and "She Loves To Dance".

For more info on Lesser Knowns, 'Like' them on Facebook here so that you stay streamlined with everything that they've got happening musically. Check out the band's music available for free streaming and download over on their Bandcamp site right here.

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