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Artist Spotlight: Tallows

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Today's Artist Spotlight gives us a group from the home of the NBA's Thunder, Oklahoma City, OK where we encounter the indie infused sounds of Tallows! The band consists of Josh Hogsett on lead vocals, Richard Lindsey on guitars, Jay Sullivan on drums, and Adam Thornbrugh on bass. The band has an immensably enjoyable, mellow indie rock vibe going for them with a real knack for gorgeous vocals and serene soundscpaes conjured upon a solid musical framework to create a sound that is reeling and captivating at the same time. I found much to enjoy from these fellows, and they have a real interesting way of putting a song in perspective with their musicality exemplified to the highest degree right here. A terrific on the rise act worthy of checking out. A recommended song for you to check out from them would be "Sea Bitch".

For more info on Tallows, give them a 'Like' on Facebook right over here and become a part of their exclusive musical community. The band is on Twitter as well from this locale here and see if they plan on stopping by the Boston region sometime soon for a concert appearance. Visit their official website as well over here for more in depth info regarding them, and you can check out more of their musical goodies on Bandcamp over here, as well as giving "Sea Bitch" a listen on Soundcloud among more musical entries right here.

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