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Artist Spotlight: Celeste


Kicking off another week of Artist Spotlight with a look at Brooklyn by way of Birmingham, AL's own Celeste! Her sound is an electronically guided blend of R&B conjured upon an indie mindset that expresses itself freely and doesn't feel the need to extrapolate much and just lets the song do its own thing and evolve organically into an all eoncmpassing track that spand across multiple genre ideals. I was impressed with her sound, even though it didn't really fit in initially with what I usually cover on the site, but something about her sound kept me listening and focused on what else she has up her sleeve. A recommended track for you to check out is "More Lives".

For more info on Celeste, 'Like' her on Facebook here to stay in tune with her musical realm. Follow her on Twitter from over here and see when she may be stopping by your hometown for a concert performance sometime. Check out "More Lives" for yourself now available for streaming on her Soundcloud page right here.

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