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Boston Based Sunshine Riot To Play Copperfield's Next Month w/ New Track "This Is A Raid"

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Boston bred Southern rockers Sunshine Riot are set to hit up Copperfield's near Fenway next month on the strength of their new single titled "This Is A Raid" from their upcoming studio release Black Coffee Sigh. The song is not something that you would expect to hear from a local act, but they do it remarkably well and have a certain style and dynamic edge to them that is very itnriguing and brings to mind a sense of outside the box thinking that gets the band plenty of notice around town. I was impressed with what these guys had to offer, and definitely saw an area of intrigue and curiosity with the band's sound that is not native to this region, but does a great job of putting the band on the musical map regardless.

To check out "This Is A Raid" for yourself, you can find it on Soundcloud here and for more info on Sunshine Riot, 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow the guys on Twitter from right here as well.

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