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Cleveland Based Holden Laurence Releases New Track "Orange Grove, 2009" Today


Cleveland based singer-songwirter Holden Laurence has just put out his brand new track today titled "Orange Grove, 2009". Holden plays a blend of romantic americana, which is basically very styilized singer-songwriter fare that gives the prospective listener a chance to get accustomed to his amazing voice and deep textured instrumentation that is a welcome change of pace from the other types of music permeating the airwaves these days. I found much to like from Holden, and brings to mind a type of music that is ahrd to come by and exudes a certain raw passion and energy that can't possibly be contained, and is free to map its own course towards a group of music onlookers.

To check out "Orange Grove, 2009" for yourself, it's available for streaming right now on Holden's Soundcloud site here. For more info on Holden Laurence, 'Like' him on Facebook here and give him a follow on Twitter over here.

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