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Cali Native Michael Persall Drops New Track "Stance"


Based out of Carmel, CA singer-songwriter Michael Persall has just dropped his new single titled "Stance". The dashingly talented musician has drawn comparisons to Ed Sheeran and Jason Mraz with his infectious melodies and astonishingly well written lyrics winning fans over left and right, and also with his killer good looks being another factor in play right here. I was floored when I first heard Michael's music, and was really drawn to his voice that presented him in a simple fashion when all you needed to hear was the sheer power of his voice and everything else including the instrumentation will take care of itself in the end, truly a remarkable and enjoyable listen.

To listen to "Stance" in its entirety, simply head over to Michael's Soundcloud page right here, and for more info on Michael Persall you can 'Like' him on Facebook over here for all the latest musical updates straight from the source.

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