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MLB World Series Musical Comparison


It's that time of year again with my 2nd annual MLB World Series Musical Comparison special! Competing in this year's Fall Classic will be the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals. Both teams had grind it out seasons this past year, with their respective Wild Card game wins against Pittsburgh and Oakland making this the first WS featuring a matchup of wild card winning teams since 2002. For this special, we're going to take a look at musical acts who emanated from each city and then we'll draw a comparison to see which city can lay claim to having the better musicians who went on to gain prominence. Here are the comparative lists:

Kansas City

Puddle of Mudd

The Get Up Kids

Reggie and The Full Effect

Tech N9ne

Pat Metheny

Charlie Parker

San Francisco

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The Steve Miller Band

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Grateful Dead

Huey Lewis and The News

Jefferson Airplane

So as you can see, Kansas City has a great deal of jazz influence embedded within its musical fibers, while San Francisco can lay claim to have more pf a psychedelic and classic rock influence with the Deadheads and Jefferson Airplace being most representative of the scene there. With that being said, San Fran takes the crown with having the most musical influence represented here. Other musicians to hail from the Bay Area include: Green Day, Rancid, Journey, Metallica, and NOFX.

The World Series kicks off on Tuesday at 8PM with all games airing on FOX.

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