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The Henry Millers - Posies


Brooklyn based duo The Henry Millers have just put out their latest effort titled "Posies". The eclectic twosome are known for crafting seriously heavy indie rhythms that showcase a deep musical bond encased between the two that takes listeners into their own little private paradise where life holds no boundaries and musical self-expression is welcomed with open arms here.

The title track starts things off with a harmonic bliss set forth by John McCallum and Katie Schecter that is a beautiful combination of deep instrumentation and unfiltered vocals that give you a sense of the deep vibes that are permeating everything around you while listening. "Children" is my favorite track off the album that features sensational guitar riffs and John's vocals will leave you swooning by the time the song has concluded, and makes you yearn for more from this group that really does wonders for you inside and out. "Beautiful Woman" is a fantastic track that shows off Katie's wondorous talents in one full, mounting heap of wonder with colorfully illustrated musical boundaries and Katie's vocals injecting a certain kind of beauty that can't possibly be deuplicated by anyone else.

"King of The Jungle" starts out the second half with a dual faced number that amps up the electronic velocity substantially, and lets John and Katie duke it out together in one full on clash of creative minds who have it all down to a science here. "Conquered" gets us ready for the conclusion of the album with a downtempo number that is more mellow featured than the other tracks, but hints out at the duo's versatility and their ability to dabble in other areas that makes them a more full featured collective in the process. "Stop To Stare" ends it all out here with a bang up number that expresses everything that there is to know about John and Katie and what they bring to the table with so much vivacious creative energy permeating the foundation and leaving you spellbound by album's end. I loved The Henry Millers the minute I first heard them, and what I loved most about them was that they weren't afraid to let it all hang out there and bear all both figuratively and literally, as you may remember from my recent Bands of Summer feature where John and Katie showed off their veluptous bods that only increased your arousal for the two, and really makes you appreciate their talent and personalities that much more.

In conclusion, a well orchestrated effort from The Henry Millers who are an original act who leave no stone unturned and keep the listening audience entertained immensely with their unique and captivating musical charm pleasing everyone around them.

EP Score: 4.5/5

Track Listing:

  1. Posies

  2. Children

  3. SImple Thing

  4. Beautiful Woman

  5. Up At The Stars

  6. King of The Jungle

  7. Conquered

  8. Stop To Stare

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