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Crashfaster - Superchroma


San Francisco based Crashfaster has put out their mesmerizing new EP titled "Superchroma". The electronica group melds together the worlds of alt rock and electronica into something truly spectacular and groundbreaking that will leave you dancing right out of your chair and into the hooks emanating squarely from this album.

We kick things off with "Photograph", an indelible slice of electro guided heaven with dream laced melodies and a strong, guided focus that keeps the listener tuned in right until the very end and doesn't let their attention deviate whatsoever. "Go!" plays a more frentic route, acting out in all sorts of different wavelengths that gives the listener an impression of what the group is capable of and their ability to dabble in different tempos as well. "Goodbye" is my favorite track off the album with a sleek, sophisticated edge to it and a dark, yet upbeat tone to it that defines the group's MO and what makes them so special and unique from all the other electronica acts out there today.

"Tonight" features more diverse musical arrangements, with more notable guitar licks bringing out the space aged beats brought to the forefront here. "Hi" gets us ready for the album's conclusion with a noticably more downtempo state of mind that gives the listener a break from all the uptempo slices of electronica that we previously encountered here. "Lost" ends our stay on the effort with an encapsualted track that brings in elements from various points throughtout the EP, and wraps everything up much like the album started with amazing, futuristic sounds omnipresent at every turn.

Looking back, a terrific effort brought forth by Crashfaster, an upstart act that is a relative newcomer to the electronica scene, but is well on their way of moving up the rungs to become more well noticed in a genre that is becoming more popular and expanding at this very minute.

EP Score: 4/5

Track Listing:

  • Photograph

  • Go!

  • Goodbye

  • Tonight

  • Hi

  • Lost

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