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Her Habits Releases Stunning New Track "Slip Away"

Canadian based singer-songwriter Her Habits has released an amazing new track by the name of "Slip Away". Originally going by the name of Joanie Wolkoff, her music borders on the edge between intimate singer-songwriter fare and dream laced indie pop that whn combined, creates an aire of orginality and breathtaking musical imagery that is unlike anything from any other up and coming musician out there today. I was apprised of all the buzz surrounding her, and it's very well deserved as Joanie has crafted something truly extraordinary and unique to share with her listening audience that is guaranteed to grow tenfold after you first hear this track.

To see what all the fuss is surrounding Her Habits, take a listen to "Slip Away" right here and for more info on her project, 'Like' her on Facebook right over here.

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