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MusicBoxPete 5 Year Anniversary Guide

Wheels are in motion for MusicBoxPete 5 year anniversary, coming up this Tuesday, November 18th! A whole week of special features are planned including some trips down memory lane where we'll look back on the site's evolution from back in 2009 to its current, polished form today. Here is the schedule of events planned for throughout the week:

  • Testimonials from artists previously featured on the site detailing how the site has helped get their act noticed and exposed their music to a wider audience.

  • Retrospective features of some of my favorite articles through the years that have shaped the site to what it is today.

  • Flashback photos chronciling the site's evolution along with photos of all the bands that I've encountered in my travels.

Loads of other extra goodies are planned, but get ready starting Monday where we kick off the festivities with an all day bonanza slated for Tuesday where there will be a whole lot of celebrating to be done! Join the celebration throughout the week on the site's Facebook page here and the Twitter feed over here.

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