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Testimonials From MusicBoxPete Artists On The 5 Year Anniversary

Today, November 18th marks the official 5 year Anniversary of when I first launched MusicBoxPete. Such a watershed moment for the site, and I just want to extend a heartfelt gratitude to everyone for all their support of the site over the years, and for all the well wishes on this momentous occassion! To help kick off this celebration, a couple of artists that have been featured on the site offered up some testimonials describing how the site has gotten them noticed on the local Boston music scene, and how it has impacted their careers to this point. Without further ado, here they are:

Mike DeBenedictis

"Five-year anniversary, huh? Yowza! Pete has been a champion of local music (and beyond) for quite some time now. He first reviewed my debut album back in 2011, and recently reviewed my second earlier this year. His coverage of various musical styles, and his enthusiasm for sharing his love of music has helped expose numerous bands to new audiences over the years. Here's to another five years! (Cue sounds of bottles clinking)."

Mike & Harry O'Toole (Today Junior)

"The first time Pete saw Today Junior was on a snowy Saturday night at Copperfield's Bar in Janurary 2013. Pete originally showed up hoping to see Mojo Kick (RIP), but had to settle for us instead. He was awesome enough to write a review of the show and feature it on his blog "MusicBoxPete". The rest as they say, is history."

Stephen MacDonald (The Okay Win)

"Pete has been a major supporter the band from day one. Even if only 3 people showed up to a show, which has happened, I knew I could always count on Pete to be one of them. When he told me he was starting a music blog, it made perfect sense. He's got a passion for music that few can match, and it's been great to watch this grow for him over the past 5 years. He's following his dreams and that is inspiring to see.

Congrats to you, Pete! Thanks for all of the coverage and helping us get our voice heard."

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