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Phillly's The Lawsuits Bring Goods As Promised To Recent Sinclair Show

Photo Credit: Caitlin McCann

Philly's own folk rockers The Lawsuits delivered an impressive opening salvo last week at The Sinclair where they were part of a sold out lineup that evening. The guys bring with them a sense of originality and thoughtfulness all rolled into one with deeply focused folk rhythms mixed in with a strong songwriting prowess that really blows you away the minute you first hear them. I among many others was insanely curious about these guys after hearing their set which included a terrific Fleetwood Mac cover, and you could also see on stage how much everyone truly loved playing with one another and who they are as people but most importanly what they are from a musical perspective.

For more on The Lawsuits, 'Like' them on Facebook here and check out their official website over here for more in depth info regarding them plus links to their music as well.

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