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East Bridgewater Based The Quins Make Their Mark With "A Tale of Love and Evil"

Hailing from East Bridgewater, The Quins bring about their blues infused blend of rock with their latest album "A Tale of Love and Evil". The guys have a unique, straightforward sound that evokes the charisma of The Black Keys with their own distinct personalities that set them apart and puts them in their own musical frame of mind that is invigorating and refreshing. I found much to be desired from these guys as they have their own musical identity and fingerprint ready to stamp all throughout the Boston area, making the public aware of their musical sensibilities and how music has influenced each of them individually to the men they are today.

See the guys perform live this Friday, February 13th at the Mid East Upstairs. To take a listen to "A Tale of Love and Evil", it's up on their Soundcloud page here and for more info on The Quins, 'Like' them on Facebook here.

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