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Austin, TX's O Conqueror Release Sleekly Crafted Vid For "Lost Your Mind"

Austin, TX based O Conqueror have just unveiled their brand new music video for the song titled "Lost Your MInd". The clip was shot on the streets of downtown Austin, and it was all done within the span of just one take that shows what happens when creativity and ingenunity come together all in one place. The vid doesn't fell the need for any extravagant special effects or sappy storylines, it just drills home the sinplicity of the band's music to the listener and gives them a creative outlet to get exposed to a type of music that they're probably unfamiliar with. I happen to know one of the members of the band quite well: Alex Hartley (who is a Berklee College of Music alum), and his musical wisdom coupled with the band's extraordinary musical dynamic set them miles apart from the rest of the pack.

For more on O'Conqueror, 'Like' them on Facebook right over here and check their official homepage over here.

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