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Boston's Diana DeMuth Emerges On The Local Scene With Her New Song "Fenway"

Photo Credit: Chris Macken

Boston based singer songwriter Diana DeMuth has broken through onto the local scene with the premiere of her groegous new single titled "Fenway". The track evokes the style, grace, and elegance that is omnipresent throughout her music, and presents a very confident singer-songwriter who knows her musical strengths, and uses them to her own advantage with this impressive track that evokes the stylings of Norah Jones with Diana's own personality injected within to give it a full featured look that will leave you in awe. I was more than impressed with what Diana had to offer, and it contained a certain unheralded beauty that perfectly captures what she was aiming for when she was in the studio recording this, and naming it after the famed area near where the Red Sox play drives home a local connection to everyone around.

To check out "Fenway" for yourself, it's available on her Soundcloud page right here and for more info on Diana DeMuth, you can 'Like' her Facebook page over here.

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