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Philly's Vacationer To Hit Up The Paradise in Boston on April 9th

Philly based Vacationer will be providing some much needed musical warmth when they hit up The Paradise in Boston on April 9th. The guys released their sophmore effort "Relief" last year that was my favorite album of 2014, and catapulted the group to new musical depths never before dreamed up that completely summed up the summer for me in a musical nutshell. I was floored when I saw them at their album release show in June @ The Mid East Upstairs, and it was an instantly memorable experience that made me feel like that I was at a Polynesian hut partaking in the musical warmth of everyone around me that was feeling the same mood I was: upbeat, positive, and happy beyond belief that I was in such good musical company that evening. Please check them out in concert if you haven't already, highly recommended!

For more info on the show and to buy tickets, simply head over to The Paradise's website here, and for more info on Vacationer you can 'Like' them on Facebook over here and follow their odysseys on Twitter at this spot here.

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