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Jack Romanov Premiere First Song Off New LP Called "Even The Homeless Have Wifi (And Blue Dream

Newly refreshed from their recent jaunt down in Nashville, Jack Romanov are back in the Bean and have just released the first single off their forthcoming LP "After Ignorance, Before The Start" titled "Even The Homeless Have Wifi (And Blue Dreams)". The song deviates entirely from the sound entrenched on their first album "Sincerely..." and ramps up the melodic fervor substantially with a blend of indie and alt rock influences mixed in that when combined, has its own musical identity and blueprint that can't possibly be confined to a single genre. I've seen these guys do their thing in concert twice already this year, and they are some of the most creative and dynamic musicians that I've ever come across. Their willingness to try new things and explore other creative avenues eloquently displays the creative aesthetic that runs deep through them, and strenghtens their bond as musicians and bretheren.

To take a listen to "Even The Homeless Have Wifi (And Blue Dreams)", you can find it on their Soundcloud page right over here, 'Like' Jack Romanov on Facebook here and follow on Twitter over at this locale here. Also, don't forget to donate to the band's Indiegogo campaign to fund their upcoming release over here. The campaign runs through until the end of the month, so hop to it and put forth some cash to the guys!

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