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Stockholm Based Hillström & Billy Display Easy Going Folk Sound on "And Blue Mountain Night

Based out of Stockholm, Sweden Hillstrom & Billy display a bevy of musical wonders on their latest single titled, "And Blue Mountain Nights". The collective puts forth a magnificent effort with blazing hot folk sounds, and a collective of musical wisdom that allows them to really cut deep and capture the listeners attention with a remarkable beauty that really hits you the moment you first start listening to them. I loved these guys immediately from the start, and they really captured my attention due to their overall simplicity and tone that has a very subtle tempo, which makes it very easy going and accessible to the general music listener and gives them some notice to people here in the U.S. who may not be too familiar with their music just yet. This song gives them all the attention they can get, and possibly more down the road.

To take a listen to "And Blue Mountain Nights" for yourself, head on over to their Soundcloud page right here and find what you've been missing all this time. For more on Hillstrom & Billy, 'Like' them on Facebook at this locale here.

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