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Vancouver's Hawking Make An Indelible Impression on Fans at Recent TT's Show

Vancouver based Hawking made their presence known this past Monday night when they stopped by TT the Bears on their nationwide tour. The guys have an indie/math rock vibe to them, and their stage presence is impeccable and mind blowing to say the least. I was totally enthralled from start to finish with the way the guys conducted themselves on stage and let their presence known to those who had gathered in attendance. Their music has an explosively melodic charge that is best heard live, and I fell head over heels for them almost immediately upon first sight. I loved everything about these guys and what their music stood for, and I also had the opportunity to chat with frontman Tom and guitarist Benji after the show who are some of the friendliest guys who totally love what they do for a living and are having a blast traveling the country, playing to music lovers near and far. Their tour began at the end of the May, and will wrap up around mid-July so the guys will be happy to have some downtime afterwards, but they will deifnitely find the touring experience to be ultimately rewarding in the long run.

For more on Hawking, visit their official homepage over here, and don't forget to 'Like' them on Facebook over here and follow their adventures on Twitter right here.

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