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Now Accepting Submissions for 3rd Edition of MusicBoxPete's "Bands of Summer" Photo Sp

With the scorching heat on the way, only one thing can provide relief and that's some musicians showing off some skin. Have no fear, as MusicBoxPete's "Bands of Summer" photo special is back again, and is looking for an all new crop of half-naked musicians looking to make themselves known to the viewing audience. I started this photo special last summer, and it has become extremely popular and very well received for having musicians show off a fun and jovial side of the band, and also letting their upper torso get some notice and admiration from the general viewing public. Artists are definitely known for being some of the most creative and imaginative beings out there, and there's no question that bands will go to great lengths to show off their hot shirtless bods that will definitely illicit some laughs and create some admiration for them and their nudity in the process.

The deadline to get all photo submissions in is July 31st. You can send them to:, don't forget to include your band name, where you're from, the members of each band, and what instruments they play. Let's have some fun and let those topess bods be shown to the world!

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