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Boston Natives The Winter Brave Release Brand New EP "The Hand You Never Seem To Lend"

Boston based duo The Winter Brave just released their brand new EP this past Tuesday titled "The Hand You Never Seem To Lend". The disc is a mellow, comforting collection of tunes that really establishes the connection they've formed with their audience, featuring melodic vocals and breezy, organic instrumentation that really grabs your attention almost instantly, and brings you attention squarely focused on these two as they evoke their stylings to a willing and waiting audience. I've featured these guys on the site before several months back, and they really have a unique way of capturing the aura and envrionment around them that is something very special and a quality that not all bands possess. These gents do a marvelous job of keeping things simple and in perspective for the listener to come into musical contact with, a terrific local act that you should be paying a great deal of attention to.

To take a listen to "The Hand You Never Seem To Lend", it's available for streaming and on a name-your-own-price basis over on their Bandcamp site here, and for more info on The Winter Brave you can 'Like' them on Facebook here and follow their adventures on Twitter right here.

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