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Berklee Grad Troy Cartwright Release Lyric Vid For New Track "My Girl (She's All Mine)&quot

Dallas, TX native and Berklee alum Troy Cartwright has just released a lyric vid for his brand new track titled "My Girl (She's All Mine)". The song has a raw, down-home country feel to it with Troy's vocals giving it a laid-back feel that immediately makes you feel right at home listening to the homegrown melodies coming at you every which way. Even if you're not a fan of country, there is definitely something to appreciate about Troy's musical sensibilities that make the music sound real and familiar in a lyrical sense as you can definitely relate to some of the material being described in the vid. I've been close friends with Troy for a few years now, going back to when I first interviewed him on the site back in 2012, and he's definitely left me in awe each and every time I hear or see him play as he really represents a dynamic and burgeoning talent who is constantly looking for ways to hone his craft, and find different ways to connect emotionally with the listener. Troy will definitely connect with many more listeners on this track.

For more on Troy Cartwright, 'Like' him on Facebook over here and visit his official homepage as well right here. Check out his self-titled album that came out this past February on iTunes right over here.

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