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Boston's The Coward Flowers Prep For Local Show On 10/5 @ OBrien's

Boston based rockers The Coward Flowers are gearing up for a big local show coming up on October 5th over at O'Brien's in the heart of Allston. The fellas released their latest album Satisfaction just last year, featuring the band's trademark alt-pop stylings that are mellow to say the least, but definitely pack a punch as the band have unique and diverse personalities that give the music some ample notice and intrigue among regular concertgoers. I met the guys a few months ago at a networking event for the Boston Scene Party, and they were totally regular and laid-back guys who truly enjoy playing music and are very friendly and approachable guys overall in general. That's one thing I enjoy the most about being in Boston, when bands are extremely sociable and are the types you can have a beer with and socialize about a broad range of topics. The Coward Flowers in partiuclar fit the mold of that hometown, sociable band quite well.

Also playing the bill will be Anjimile, Sports, and Carb on Carb. Tickets for the O'Brien's show are available at this link here, and for more info on The Coward Flowers please 'Like' them on Facebook right here and check out their music on Bandcamp over here.

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