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Berklee Grad Jakob Reinhardt Releases Brand New EP "Songs From Coastal Cities"

Photo Credit: Alexander Winter

German born and recent Berklee alum Jakob Reinhardt has just released his brand new EP Songs From Coastal Cities. The largely acoustic affair features brilliant musicianship put forth by Jakob, who also plays guitar for Steven Maier, another artist who was also featured here on the site. Jakob steps out on his own for his foray into instrumental rock that is brilliant to say the least, and one that keeps you squarely focused on him all the way throughout. It's just plain hypnotizing to hear Jakob play guitar, and put his own little twist on songs that make the listener intrigued and want to continue listening. I've always had the utmost respect for Berklee musicians as they are some of the most smartest, skilled, and creative human beings on this planet who have a knack for bringing their talents to the forefront, and giving onlookers plenty of reason to stick around. An incredibly talented musician that has a very bright and promising future ahead of him.

For more info on Jakob Reinhardt, check out his official homepage over here, and check out "Songs From Coastal Cities" now available on Bandcamp over here, and on a handful of other music sites including iTunes as well.

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