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Music & Beard Athlete Special

With Halloween lurking just around the corner and if you're looking for a last minute sports themed outfit, look no further than these inspirations that will give you some ideas as you cobble together the last pieces of your costume. One thing that always seems to be in high demand year after year is beards that is always a conversation starter, and is a real smash hit with the ladies as well. Here is a rundown of some athletes across all the major pro sports leagues that represents an entire cross section of bearded athletes in all their glory, along with some song selections chosen by yours truly that reflects the players' personalities:

Jayson Werth (Washington Nationals) Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London

Left fielder Jayson Werth has been a star attraction ever since arriving with tne Nationals in a trade from the Phillies several years ago, and one prominent feature about him is his lush and beautiful beard that makes him look like he belongs on the cover of a Harlequin romance novel. He also has a penchant for wearing his jersey unbuttoned with no undershirt that provides for some instant arousal from the ladies, and while he had a disappointing season at the plate offensively, he always tries his best day in and day out, and the fans in Washington love him no matter what.

Bryce Harper (Washington Nationals) Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel

Werth's teammate Bryce Harper is clearly the big superstar over in our nation's capital, and he possesses a fiery personality, whether it be yelling at umpires, or defending himself in wake of getting choked by closer Jonathan Papelbon, Harper always has the power of the beard in his arsenal to set him apart. With his tremendous regular season numbers, he is a sure lock to win the NL MVP, mostly for his stature and attraction as a top billed star.

Sean Doolittle (Oakland Athletics) Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls

While the Oakland A's were in shambles this past season, their closer Sean Doolittle provided for some humourous and offbeat antics as his mangy beard being the only highlight of an otherwise miserable season. With thie rebellious us against the world mentality, Oakland has very little going for them, except their baseball team which reflects the lifeblood and true underdog nature of their city. Doolittle will definitely be back next year, and hopeful that they can make a turnaround to put them back on good graces.

Andrew Luck (Indianpolis Colts) Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home

It's just our luck that the star QB of the Indianapolis Colts appears on this list, and his trademark Civil War era beard that is just plain awe inspiring and hypnotizing to look at. The beard wraps around the neck in rapturous glory, and gives Luck a strong amount of confidence and stamina when rushing out onto the field with his teammates. While he's currently going through some offensive struggles right now due to a shoulder injury, he will find a way to work through it and lead the Colts up to the top of the heap.

Eric Weddle (San Diego Chargers) Usher - You Make Me Wanna

The bearded safety of the San Diego Chargers sports a magnificently awesome beard, so awesome in fact that it has its own Twitter handle that you can view right here. A strong defensive presence and a great locker room teammate, Weddle represents the emotional charge that the team desperately needs as they vie for a playoff spot as the halfway mark of the season is upon them. This is definitely one beard that you'll feel comfortable sporting this Halloween season!

James Harden (Houston Rockets) The Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash

Wrapping up our beard and music special is one popular star of the NBA whose beard has been extant ever since graduating from college, and it belongs to none other than James Harden. The Houston Rockets player who spent some time with the Oklahoma City Thunder before that was a perennial MVP candidate last year with his ridiculous offensive numbers, and his trong presence on the court that has made him a must watch player. HIs trademark has been his beard that has been growing ever since his college years, and he definitely shows no signs of shaving it off anytime soon asi thas become a part of his fiery personality.

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