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Dinoczar Prepping For Free Release Show Tonight @ Mid East Upstairs

Boston based musical wizards Dinoczar are setting up for a big local show taking place tonight @ MId East Upstairs that you'll definitely make sure that you want to attend, most importantly for it being free! Yes, that's right you'll be able to see tons of local bands all free of charge, while partaking in some Revolution Brewing beer for $4 who are sponsoring this fine event. Also performing at the gig will be The Dazies, Neutrinos, and Sponge Glow. Dinoczar are truly a special local band, and I got the chance to chat with Jake after one of their shows at TT's a few months ago, and he is one of the most super nicest guys I've ever come across. You can clearly tell how passionate and devoted he is to his craft, and his hard working prowess is clearly on display for everyone to marvel over, and the other guys in the band feed off the creative energy transmitted by his fellow bandmates and those watching. A tremendous local act that definitely has alot to offer.

Doors for tonight's Mid East Upstairs show open at 8pm. If you're 21+, make sure you have valid ID with you. The guys will be also selling their brand new cassette single "Burnt Out" that Allston Pudding premiered on their site just the other day which is a fuzzed out joy to listen to.

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