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Manchester, NH Based Rockers Dive Team Kicking Off Mini Tour This Weekend @ Sammy's Patio

Based out fo the confines of the Granite State in Manchester, we have the comforting and inviting sounds of post hardcore upstarts Dive Team, who will be kicking off a New England mini tour that gets underway tonight at Sammy's Patio in Revere. The fellas have been hitting the pavement hard as of late, exposing their hypnotically melodic sound to a riveting audience that has been devouring them up, and can't get enough material they're constantly churning out. Even if you don't like hardcore music, you'll find something uniquely comforting from these guys as they have a melodic way about them that will always have you coming back for more, they aren't too overwhelming and they come about it at just the right musical angle that isn't dragged out. I loved these guys from the start, and am so glad to feature them for you today because they have an immense drive enstilled within them that allows them to get out there and convince everyone to check them out in concert, even if they're not a fan of said genre you'll always have a good time and fall in love with your next musical obsession over some beers and some rocking tunes!

For more on Dive Team, 'Like' them on Facebook over here and check out all of their music over on Bandcamp at this spot right here.

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