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Former Boston Natives Airacuda Debut New Music Video For "Overture"

Formerly based right here in Boston but now living back in their native New Jersey, Airacuda have just put out their brand new music video for the song "Overture" off their brand new EP titled Daydreaming. The video is a mellow and somber affair, with low key piano interludes that quietly amp up with light percussion elements slowly simmering in the background that all lead up to one impressive listen that is worth checking out from a visual standpoint and is aesthetically pleasing in its own right. Airacuda have been featured numerous times here on the site before, all starting with their incredible performance at Church of Boston last year that resulted in frontman Matt Menges unbuttoning his shirt all the way down, and singing on top of the pool table all while doing an amazing cover of The Strokes "Reptilia" that had me spellbound and clamoring for more from these amazingly talented gents. Haven't seen them since that incredible performance, but they're planning to come back to the Boston area soon that is sure to produce some memorable moments that will definitely increase your love and appreciation for this band and everything that they do.

To check out "Daydreaming" in its entirety, it's available for streaming and download over on their Bandcamp site over here, and for more on Airacuda, please 'Like' them on Facebook over here and follow their adventures on Twitter right here.

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